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Octanorm shell schemes are very popular when it comes to building exhibition stands for events. Octanorm is a brand name, and probably the most well known brand when it comes to shell schemes and exhibition stands, but there are many other brands and types of shell schemes for exhibition stands.

Octanorm is so named because of the octagonal cross sectional shaped post which is used as the backbone of the stand. There is a space in each face of the post, which is used to slot in beams, forming the basis of the shell scheme. The Octanorm brand name is synonymous with exhibitions and in the same way we might refer to all vacuum cleaners as “Hoover,” many people will refer to all shell schemes as Octanorm, even if they are not the Octanorm brand.

While Octanorm is a well-known brand of shell scheme, there are many other brands which can allow the same level of flexibility and personalisation as an Octanorm shell scheme.

Many people like to use Octanorm shell schemes specifically because of the brand name, and we are happy to cater to those needs. However, it would be a mistake to believe one has to have an Octanorm stand at an event. We provide a wide range of different brands and arrangements to enable you to have the stand you want at your exhibition. Depending on your specification requirements, we can produce a high quality shell scheme for your exhibition stand that will fulfill all of your needs, with or without using Octanorm branded shell scheme equipment.

Our Shell Scheme

Our shell scheme panels are Velcro compatible, making it much easier for exhibitors to dress their stands. In venues where ceiling height restrictions apply, we can reduce the height of the exhibition stands from 2.4 metres to 2 metres. This is particularly useful in hotels and smaller conference venues.

Why, Meridian Shell Scheme?

Our flexible, modular system is easily adapted to fit any space so you can accommodate more exhibitors at your event. Our shell scheme looks sleek and professional, and displays products and services to their optimum effect.